Jan 11 2012

NER300 pot begins to grow

Trading on 16 days between 5 and 31 December, the EIB sold 12 M NER300 (Dec-2013) EUAs at 8.15 EUR each, the EIB revealed tonight.

EUAs were monetised as OTC trades. In future, an average of just under 21 M EUAs will need to be monetised per month for the monetisation of 200 M EUAs to be complete by 2 Oct 2012. An extrapolation of the earnings achieved so far to the 200 M EUAs suggests they will create an NER300 pot for the first call of slightly more than 1600 M EUR.

  1. NER300.com’s commentary

    Volumes monetised varied from 1.1 M EUA/day to 0.2 M EUA/day around the Christmas and the New Year holidays. Unfortunately, it was on 20 Dec, when the market was thinner, that the temporary uptick in EUA prices caused by the European Parliament Environment Committee vote to withhold allowances from Phase 3 of the ETS occured.