Jul 13 2012

Simulation tool for number of NER300 proposals funded in first call

Here you can estimate, according to parameters you set, how many projects will be funded in the first call. Choose a value for the NER300 pot and an estimated typical value for the amount of NER300 funding requested by the projects making up the RES Group or CCS Group. These “Groups” contain the projects ranked first in their subcategories.

The tool assumes:

  • Strict adherence to the methodology for “Calculation of Funding Proportion” described in Appendix A10 of the Procedures Manual and to the rule that no project may request more than 15% of the expected combined value of the first and second call pots;
  • The size of the pot for the second call is 50% of the size of pot for the first call;
  • No projects that received EEPR funding are among the 1st-ranked projects in line to receive funding. (This assumption is wrong since two EEPR projects, Don Valley and Bełchatów are in this category. As a rule of thumb, at current carbon prices, add 0.5 CCS projects to the number predicted by the model in each case.)

A value corresponding to the upper end of the EC’s expectation for the net value of the NER300 pot for the first call is proposed as a default input to the simulation tool.

Assume NER300 pot for first call is
 M €

Assume average NER300
request of a RES project is

 M €

Assume average NER300
request of a CCS project is

 M €

Funding request of an average RES project /M €

In its Staff Working Document of 12 July 2012 the EC predicted that for a net value of the pot of 1500 M EUR 3 CCS projects and 16 RES projects may be funded, while the simulation tool says that slightly fewer RES projects will be funded for that number of CCS projects. The reason for this discrepancy is that in the real situation, large RES projects (with budgets of, say, 120 M EUR) are more prevalent in the RES Group (whose size determines the RES/CCS funding split) than in the list of first-ranked projects that will get funding.

Jul 12 2012

13 Member States set to receive NER300 funding in 1st call

Article moved. Please find it here. An article offering further analysis of the preliminary first call results is available here.