Jan 09 2015

Second DG CLIMA public consultation on NER300/NER400

DG CLIMA has launched the second public consultation in a year explicitly asking about NER300. In the table below, the questions it asks are compared with the earlier consultation, which closed on 31 July 2014. The deadline for responses is 16 March 2014.

Latest consultation: Consultation on revision of the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) Directive
— closing 16/03/2015
Earlier consultation: Consultation on Emission Trading System (ETS) post-2020 carbon leakage provisions
— closed 31/07/2014
  • Do you see reasons to modify the existing modalities applied in the first two calls of the NER300? Are there any modalities governing the NER 300 programme which could be simplified in the design of the innovation fund? If you see the need for changes, please be specific what aspects you would like to see changed and why.
  • Do you consider that for the extended scope of supporting low-carbon innovation in industrial sectors the modalities should be the same as for CCS and innovative renewable energy technologies or is certain tailoring needed, e.g. pre-defined amounts, specific selection criteria? If possible, please provide specific examples of tailored modalities.
  • Are there any complementary aspects regarding innovation funding you would like to add to the replies given to the previous written consultation in the light of the European Council conclusions?
  • Currently the European Commission implements the NER300 programme to provide from EU ETS specific support for large-scale demonstration of Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) projects and innovative renewable energy. 300 million allowances, representing ca. 2% of total phase 3 allowances, are dedicated for this purpose. What share of the post-2020 allowance budget should be dedicated to such innovation support?
  • At the moment, EU ETS rules do not contain a specific support scheme for industrial innovation and deployment of new low-carbon technologies (apart from support for CCS and renewables under the NER300). Do you think there should be such a financial support scheme?
  • If innovative low carbon technologies in the industry are to be further supported, which could be possible sources of funding?

The reponses to the earlier consultation, which were analysed by NER300.com have now been analysed by the EC. The NER300.com article has been updated with a link to the EC’s official summary of the responses.