Mar 24 2016

No more big changes to first call projects allowed

***UPDATE 17 October 2016: One first-call project, FI BIOe Ajos BTL was allowed to push back its date of entry into operation.***

In a letter to Member States dated 22 March 2016 the EC has told them, “We are of the opinion that changes to projects funded under the first call of NER300 […] are not feasible any more.”

This is traditionally the time of year that DG CLIMA invites Member States to make known any changes that Project Sponsors wish to make. The changes may be very substantial, involving changes in project location, Project Sponsor and financial performance. But because in DG CLIMA’s words “there are only 9 months left” for first call projects (i.e. awarded in Dec 2012) to meet a major deadline of 31 Dec 2016, the EC is minded to withdraw the possibility to propose big changes.

By 31 December 2016 all awarded projects from the first call are required to have reached a ‘Final Investment Decision’ based on the financial model of the project that will actually be built, secured all relevant national permits (e.g. for construction or grid connection) and secured the approval by the EC (DG Competition) of any State Aid that will be given to the projects.

It typically takes the EC 4-5 months to declare whether it accepts proposed changes to projects.