Oct 17 2016

Further delays to NER300 projects

The EC has published a new amended Award Decision detailing the current status of NER300 projects selected in the first and second calls.

The document shows changes to the dates that projects intend to begin operating.

The updates reflect the wishes of project sponsors and their host Member States as at late spring 2016, when the EC initiated this year’s annual process to amend the Award Decision.

Project withdrawn

One project was officially withdrawn, BE DRMc SLim. The White Rose CCS project, awarded 300 M EUR, has not been withdrawn even though the UK government scrapped its CCS demonstration programme a few months before the Award Decision amendment process began.


9 projects out of 37 have requested and been granted a later ‘date of entry into operation’ since their last opportunity to request this, in 2015. A tenth project, CY CSPe Helios Power, asked to postpone its date of entry in operation to 30 Jun 2020, but this is beyond the latest allowable date for its call of 30 Dec 2018, and the EC declined it.

6 of these 9 projects push their date of entry into operation to the latest allowable date for their respective calls, bringing to the total number of projects in this position to 23, which is 62% of all projects. This proportion has steadily increased since the first Award Decision of December 2012, when it was 13%. This compares to 34-36% in 2014 and 45% in 2015. All French, Spanish, Cypriot and Greek projects are in this position, as well as the single projects awarded to Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia, Ireland and Finland.

The latest official status on all projects is available here.