May 29 2013

Procedures Manual for Second Call released

The European Commission has published the parts of the Procedures Manual governing the Technical and Financial Due Diligence assessment for the Second Call. Notable changes compared to the First Call edition are the definition of ‘PUCRE’ (a quantity used for determining the relevant costs of bioenergy projects that choose to use the price of fossil fuel as a reference) and greater detail on the circumstances in which the EIB will recalculate a project’s relevant costs.

The steps to order the ranked technically and financially sound and eligible proposals, and determine which of them will receive an award was within the scope of the First Call Procedures Manual but is outside the scope of this Procedures Manual because they do not concern the due diligence assessment per se.

  1.’s commentary:

    The fact that the EC described the exact process for ordering ranked proposals and determining which of them will receive an award in the Procedures Manual for the First Call is a useful precedent. It is reasonable to ask the EC again to provide this information.

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