Oct 02 2013

Uncertainty on EU rules for biofuels possible up to FID deadline of 18 Dec 2014

MEPs voted in the European Parliament on 11 September to proceed to a Second Reading on the revision of the RES-Directive to increase the greenhouse-gas savings from biofuels. One consequence of this will be to push back the date when discussions will reach a conclusion. Corinne Lepage, the MEP leading the EP’s discussions, said in a press conference following the vote that she did “not have too high hopes” (English interpretation) of a conclusion being reached before the EP elections in May 2014.

  1. NER300.com’s commentary:

    Uncertainty over the future regulatory regime for biofuels could put some biofuel projects in NER300 at risk by causing them to delay signing their Legally Binding Instrument and making their Final Investment Decision. Under NER300 rules, projects must make a FID in by 18 December 2014.