Oct 03 2013

Consultation on Annual Reporting template closes tomorrow

On 11 September DG CLIMA invited Member States to review a draft ‘template for Annual Reporting’ that it had prepared. This is the report that, on 31 Dec of each year up to and including the year of (or following? – unclear) a project’s long-stop date, should describe the progress of the NER300 project concerned. It is distinct from the report that must be supplied to comply with NER300’s knowledge-sharing obligations. The Member States have until tomorrow to feed back comments to the EC. As the report will largely be compiled from information supplied by the Project Sponsor, some Member States have chosen to involve their Project Sponsors in the EC’s consultation.

NER300.com’s suggestions, embedded in the draft prepared by DG CLIMA, are downloadable here.

The EC will expect all Member States to follow the template in their Annual Reports once it has been agreed.