An installation’s energy output

Accurately estimating the energy output of a project over its first 5 years of operation is integral to preparing an NER300 proposal. The total public subsidy provided to the project as national funding and NER300 in the investment phase and the first five years of operation will be divided by this amount of energy, and this ratio will be compared between projects in the selection process. For the purpose of ranking proposals, only those forms of energy produced by the installation that are mentioned in the description of the project subcategory will count towards “energy output”, meaning power and (where applicable) varieties of biofuel or bioenergy intermediates. It would seem reasonable to combine these different contributions to energy output using the methodology of Directive 2009/28/EC on renewable energy. As FAQ 244 makes clear, “Since heat is not considered as a relevant output [in any RES subcategory] […] heat must not be accounted for the determination of the Plant performance.”