Oct 13 2013


The NER300 timeline for the next 17 months for both the first call and the second call is given in the diagram below.

Responding to requests by the Member States to allocate less time to technical and financial due diligence assessments (Jan 23 2013 Climate Change Committee meeting), the EC proposed to compress the time from call launch to grant to 15 months (Feb 27 2013 Climate Change Committee meeting). The call was launched on 3 April 2013, with a deadline for Member States to forward complete applications to the EIB of 3 July. This allows bidders half the time they had in the first call.

The EIB has announced that monetisation of 100 million carbon allowances (EUAs) for the second call will begin in mid-November 2013 and be complete by mid-April 2014, with an average of 20 million EUAs being monetised per month.

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